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Unlock your device’s potential! Learn how to identify your phone or laptop type quickly and easily. Essential knowledge in 2023!

    Who among us these days doesn’t have a mobile phone or laptop? These devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we are talking about simplified communication, work and productivity, access to information or entertainment. But do you know what type of phone or laptop you own? In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to find out.

    Do you own a phone or laptop, but almost all you know about it is the colour and brand? Don’t worry you’re not the only one! That’s why we’re going to show you a few ways to quickly and easily figure out what type of phone or laptop you have. By doing so, you can learn more about what features and technology your device has so you can expand your options and get the most out of it. So let’s not take any more time and let’s get started!

    How do I find out the type of phone?

    Finding out what type of phone it is is relatively easy, and there are several ways to do it. Here are the three main methods!

    1) In the settings

    • Android – Open the “Settings” app, press “About Phone” (or a similar option) – the phone model is listed there.
    • iOS (Apple) – Open the “Settings” app, go to “General” and then “Information” or “About Device”. Here you will find the model and operating system.

    2) Online by IMEI number

    • On your phone, find the dial pad you normally use to dial a phone number when you want to call an unsaved contact.
    • Dial: *#06#.
    • You will see different codes. Select an IMEI code that has 15 digits.
    • Write down the code or copy it to your clipboard.
    • Open on your mobile phone or laptop.
    • Type or paste the 15-digit code into the text box for the IMEI.
    • Check that you are human and check that you are not a robot.
    • Once verified, click on “Check” or “Check”.
    • Done! You will be redirected to a page about your smartphone. Your device type is located right at the top.

    3) On the back of the phone or packaging

    Some models have the serial number and type on the back. If you still have the original box, you can also find the model information here.

    How do I find out the type of laptop?

    For example, if you’ve received a new laptop or bought a second-hand model, it’s probably useful to know what type it is. You can figure this out in different ways, depending on the operating system and the information available. Here are a few ways to do that.

    1) System information


    • Press “Windows + R”. This will open the “Run” window.
    • Type “msinfo32” in the text box and press Enter.
    • The “System Information” window will open. You will find information about your laptop type under “System Type”.


    • Click on the apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
    • Select “About this computer”.
    • A window will appear with information about your Mac, including the laptop model.


    • Open a terminal.
    • Use the “lshw”, “dmidecode” or “laptop-detect” command (may require installation) to view detailed information about your laptop’s hardware.

    2) Physical sticker or label

    Most laptops have a physical sticker or label on the underside that provides information about the model, serial number, and other important information.

    3) BIOS/UEFI

    You can also find out information about your laptop in the BIOS or UEFI settings. If you want to do this:

    • Access the BIOS/UEFI settings (usually by pressing F2, F12, Delete or Esc while the laptop is booting).
    • Under “System Information” or similar, you will find the type and other information.

    4) Online search

    If you know the serial number or manufacturer of your laptop, you can try an online search, for example on the manufacturer’s website, where you may find details about your laptop.

    Why is it important to know the type of device?

    Device type information is essential for service technicians who need to know what specific model and configuration they are facing in order to make repairs and replacements to components such as RAM or battery. Knowing the model is also important for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

    Different types of devices may require different software updates. Knowing the model type will help you download and install the appropriate updates, which will improve the performance and stability of your laptop.

    When selecting accessories such as adapters, cables, docking stations, protective cases, etc., it is important to keep the correct model of the device in mind. Different devices may have different ports and specifications, so the equipment should be compatible with your particular model.

    Knowing the type of phone or laptop is key to effectively managing, maintaining and optimizing your device. This helps service technicians with repairs, allows for proper software updates and ensures compatibility with accessories. Plus, it takes you a few minutes at most, so why not give it a try!

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