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17 tips and tricks for windows 11 to make your life easier

    With the arrival of the new windows 11 operating system comes new tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to use this system.
    I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that sometimes windows 11 is complicated and unintuitive. This article will make your life easier when using windows 11.

    1.Dark mode in windows 11

    Dark mode not only contributes to resting your eyes, but can also drain your laptop battery. Windows 11 has a dark mode.

    Windows 11 dark mode

    Find a blank space on the desktop by right-clicking. Select Personalize from the menu and then Colors. As the first item you will see Choose your mode and from the selection on the right side choose Dark

    2.Snap layouts

    If you are like me, you have many programs open. In that case, it is difficult to know what we have open.

    snapping layouts in windows 11

    The new and expanded snap feature makes organising windows a breeze. Use your mouse to find Maximize/Resize and choose how you want to organize your windows. There are many options available. Each of them is applicable to a different solution. The choice is yours.

    3.Hide unwanted Taskbar buttons

    Too many icons is not good for organization and I often don’t know where I have what. That’s why in windows 11 you can hide them.

    Customization of taskbar

    You can hide unwanted icons by clicking on an empty taskbar and selecting Taskbat settings. If you don’t see them, click Show more options. Then use the toggles to turn on/off things you don’t need

    4.Move the start button in windows 11

    For some it is a nice change, but for many it is not. The start button in the middle. Fortunately, there is an option to move the start button as before.

    start button on left for windows 11

    To move the start button, just right-click on an empty taskbar and select Taskbar settings. Then click on Taskbar behaviors and in Taskbar aligment select your preferred option.

    5.Windows 11 Focus assist

    Personally, I need peace for my work and I don’t want to be disturbed by notifications. That’s why Focus Assistant is here. It helps you focus on what’s really important.

    Focus assist in windows 11

    Focus assistant can be found in the settings under Focus assist. If you select Alarms only, alarms are the only notifications that will disturb you. You can use the Priority only option to choose other notifications that should also be permitted, and choose times that Focus assistant should be automatically enabled.

    6. New Alt + Tab feature

    Like me, you must use Alt + Tab to switch application windows. With Windows 11, you can also switch between Edge browser windows. Edge has been more integrated into Windows 11, and that’s why we have this option.

    windows11 alt tab feature

    To make this possible, go to Settings > System and multi tasking. From the menu, select the Alt + Tab section and select Open windows only to ignore Edge tabs.

    7.Widget everywhere in windows 11

    Widgets can be considered as mini applications that make our lives easier. They are usually hidden in the taskbar next to the start button.

    windows 11 widgets

    Of course there is the possibility to customize the widgets as you need. This can be done by clicking on the button and then on the profile picture. Then click on “+” and add a widget to display.

    If you get tired of a widget, you can remove it using the X in the upper right corner.

    8.Start menu shortcuts

    By right-clicking on the start button or using the Windows + X keyboard shortcut, a very useful menu is displayed that gives you access to various parts of windows 11.

    start menu shortcuts in windows11

    There are many useful things available that are useful to practically everyone. It will definitely make working with windows 11 much easier and more efficient.

    9.Enhance your sound

    No matter if you listen to sounds through headphones or speakers, you can always improve the sound with the help of windows 11 when you’re playing on your favourite gaming chair.

    getting better sound

    To enhance the sound, right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar and select the sound setting.

    Next, select the sound icon and choose from the enhance sound options. This will give you a much better sound than before. It will also make it easier to work with Windows 11.

    10. Pin frequently used apps in windows 11

    The applications you use the most need to be always at hand. That’s why it’s good to pin them to the taskbar.

    Frequently used apps in windows 11 os

    To do this, click on the start button and you’ll find the app you need most. Then right click on it. From the menu that follows, click on add to the place that suits you best.

    11.Customize the Start Menu

    I’m sure you want to get a jump start on your offer as much as I do. The possibilities are great and will definitely make your life easier.

    Start menu customization in windows 11

    To edit the start menu, go to settings and Pesonalization and select start. Then use the toggle switch to customize the menu as you want. If you select the folders option, you can create a shortcut to frequently used folders.

    12. Expanded right-click menu

    Sometimes you need everything at the click of a mouse. That’s why in windows 11 you can add a right-click menu.

    Better right click menu in windows 11

    Sometimes it happens that you miss some thing and you don’t know where it is. That’s why when you press the right button, just select the last item and it is Show more options, which will expand your options what to do with the folder or file.

    14.Custom screenshots

    Like me, you need to take a screenshot sometime. We usually use the Print Screen key for this. But that’s an old way that doesn’t have as many options.

    windows 11 snipping tool

    If you want to improve your screenshots, use the key combination Windows + Shift + S. This will launch the Snipoing tool, which gives you a large variety of options to take a screenshot.

    15. Windows 11 – Voice typing

    Speaking is faster than writing. That’s why Windows 11 has improved the ability to dictate text.

    Voice typing

    Use the keyboard shortcut Windwos + H to start. This will start Voice typing, which allows you to dictate text. This is then transcribed as you wish. Isn’t this a great way to speed up your work?

    16. Battery life

    If you use a laptop like me, you definitely want to extend the life of the battery in case you don’t have the possibility of charging. Windows 11 has a great overview of battery usage.

    Battery overview in windows 11 system

    To view, go to settings and then select System followed by Power & battery. Then see which application uses your battery the most. You can also choose to view detailed information to give you even more information. You can optimize your battery usage and extend the life of your laptop.

    17. Virtual desktops in Windows 11

    I often run out of screen space. Windows 11 has a great solution in the form of viral desktops.

    You can use virtual desktops to expand your workplace. Click on the Task View next to the start button to view it. Then just select New desktop. This will create a new desktop. You can switch between them using the Windows keyboard shortcut + Ctrl and the arrow keys on the keyboard.

    Final words

    These tips make my work with the computer easier and better. I hope they will help you too. There are certainly many more tips than I have written here. If you have any, be sure to let me know in the comments.

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