Content Writing, Is It Different From Academic Writing?

Content Writing, Is It Different From Academic Writing?
Content Writing, Is It Different From Academic Writing?

If you are a content writer and want to know how content writing is different from academic content writing or you have question in mind like what is academic content writing then your are at the right place, here I’ll explore the difference between both of them. No one can deny the importance of education. To get an education, is a basic right of every human being. The education not only helps you in earning a living in a good way but also broaden the mindset of the people. It brings positivity in life. In higher studies, there is a system of GPA to analyze the understanding of the students in the context of education.

The GPA calculator is amazing that it calculates the GPA of the student. There are also other calculators available online, such as IU GPA calculator, UC GPA calculator, UF GPA calculator etc.

In higher studies, it is compulsory to do scientific research and write a large scientific document on it. This is called the Academic Writing whereas the content writing is different from academic writing very much.

Both have different purposes, format, style, structure, types, etc. Following are the differences between content and academic writing.

1. Purpose of Writing decides if Content Writing or Academic Writing

The purpose of writing content is mostly to write articles or blogs for the marketing of the website or a product. The academic writing is done to write the recent research or reviews of the research that will help in the academic side.

Academic writing is an informative writing that is helpful for students, professors, researchers.

The academic writing opens the door towards the new innovations and development for human welfare. Like the research, you can get to know about the different new methods that are economical, the role of different nutrients in different diseases, how to enhance the effect of the drug in specific ailment, production of an enzyme synthetically and many more.

The websites that have to sell their products hire professionals for creative writing so that they can write to market their product and grasp the maximum of the audience that will benefit them.

2. Writing for the Web is mostly Content Writing

The content writing is purely for the web. For the websites, the games, the reviews of the products, the marketing of products, content writing is done by the content writers.

The academic writing only gets access on the web when it got published by the related journal.

3. Specific Format and Writing Style of Academic Writing

The writing of content does not have any specific format style. The website owner decides the format of its articles. Every website has its own writing format and style.

On the other hand, if you see the academic writing format, you will find that there is a specific format guideline that needs to be strictly followed in order to get that documents published.

Every journal has its own formatting style, and all the articles of a journal have the same sequence and format.

The academic document includes specific chapters with respect to its types. Like the research, the paper includes the abstract, introduction, literature review, material, and methods, results, discussion, summary, literature cited that is the reference.

4. Content to Attract The Audience

The purpose of the content writing is to attract them as much as possible audience.  Scientific writing or academic writing is not done actually to attract the audience. It is done for scientific or academic purposes.

The content writers try to write articles or blogs in the most interesting and exciting way to enhance the readability of the audience and also do apply content marketing strategies for the written article to boost the web traffic.

5. Information provided decides type of article

The content writers write the information that is specific to the website only or its products.  Academic writing includes the scientific sort of knowledge that is based on logic, proofs, explanations, research, experiments, and laws. The content writing is quite simple as compared to scientific writing.

A special protocol is needed to follow in academic writing, but it is not the case in content writing. You can write an article from reading any website. In content writing, scientific proofs are not required to write anything.

6. Writing Method of Content

Academic writing is a long document that is written in the form of chapters according to the specific guidelines and format. Content writing does not follow any of these. The content writes up is of different word limit that depends on the person who is hiring the content writer.

There is a proper use of the citation, bibliography, and references in academic writing. Without referencing, the content can be considered as the plagiarized content that can lead to copyright claims and legal actions. The content writing does not have any concept of the citations or referencing.

7. Authenticity of Content

The academic writing states the authentic piece of information with the proofs. The researchers do the research by themselves on any science, technology topic and report it in their academic writing document. In the case of content writing, the focus is not on authenticity always.

After the academic document has been written up, it will then send to the journal. The journal evaluates the whole document completely and critically. Any fake data in the academic data leads to the cancellation and rejection of the document.

8. Sentence Structure of Content

The sentence structure of the content writing is short and simple that enhances the readability of the article as the main purpose is to grasp the attention of the audience.

In academic writing, the sentences are usually written in long and complex to give a scientific writing form.

9. Use of Images in Content

The images are used more frequently in writing the content to make them attractive and interesting.

Scientific writing may or may not include the images. It depends on the writing and the data. The graphs and tables are usually present in the academic writing documents. The image can be used, but very specific image will be used.

Types of Academic Writing

Academic writing has the following types-

  1. Research paper
  2. Review paper
  3. Meta-analysis
  4. Literature review
  5. Critical review

The review paper has further two types that are Critical review paper, Literature review paper.

The meta analysis is a summary of the multiple types of research that are related to each other.

Types of Content Writing

It also has few types that are-

  1. SEO writing
  2. Brand journalist
  3. Social media writer
  4. Advertising copywriter
  5. Subject matter expert

You can also find jobs for content writers from freelancer sites and different job sites. If you want to explore more on types of content writing then your can refer the article at EvelynLearning. Hope this article has provided you the information regarding what is academic writing and difference between content writing and academic writing.

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